We have rich experience with building family houses and large hotels, too. We are able to build by various different systems as building from blocks or building parts or to build wooden buildings. Our main system, we want to follow, is building prefabricated family and polyfunctional houses.

What is prefabrication? It is an assemblage of concrete walls right at the place, where building will be standing. These prefabricated walls can contain built in air conditioning, electricity or insulation. Using these system, we are able to build house for example 3 bedroom house in just 4 weeks time. It is a new european technology and we are first to bring it to the Ghana market. This technology allows us to provide you with first rate and affordable housing.


We will immediately provide built houses with furniture from our own manufacture. Thanks to this fact, you don’t have to hire another company focused on woodwork. We will take care of your maximal comfort and we will meet all your requirements for interior and exterior. We can supply you with windows, doors, floor or complete furniture for your house or garden. We don’t have problem with manufacturing of any kind of wood.

By this, we will make your house furnished fast, look good and therefore you can live in it almost immediately.


Important part of your comfortable housing is sense of security. We can take care of it. We will install you intelligent systems, that will make your house secure place to live in or make your housing more convenient. We can equip your interior with systems such as movement sensors or alarms and your exterior with intelligent gate, camera system or any other system you need.

Whether you want to protect your valuables or use modern technology to make your life easier, we are here for you.


Do you want to incorporate any metal part into your house or furniture? We have our own metal fabrication, which can supply you with various smaller or bigger components. We can create things such as metal stairs, fences, gates, parts of furniture, garden equipment and more.

Thanks to our rich experience with creating metal parts for automotive or aerial industry, it won’t be problem for us to meet your various requirements.